• Tool 7A1 X-Power Dehumidifier

Tool 7A1 X-Power Dehumidifier

The XPOWER XD-125 Commercial Dehumidifier was designed to remove up to 125 pints of water per day from a pet grooming salon’s high humidity bathing and work areas. Developed to be portable and easy to operate, the XD-125 is equipped with digital technology and LED readouts, ensuring automatic control of a room’ relative humidity and control of external water disposal. Operation is as simply as setting the optimum humidity level and then enjoying a heathier, more comfortable work environment while decreasing the drying times up to 35%. Made with tough polyethylene plastic and equipped with a high efficiency brushless technology motors that use a max of 7.3 AMPs of electricity while processing 235 cubic feet of air per minute, the XD-125 is built for years of trouble free operation.
  • $1,000.00